Inventory Management Overview


Effectiveness and efficiency of modern enterprises is directly related to how well their entire supply chain is managed. Confida brings a strategic, economically-rooted perspective to the science and art of supply chain and inventory management. Our design has its roots in the quantitative fields of operations research and statistical engineering; however, they are tempered and tendered by real-world guidelines and common sense. This seemingly contradictory duopoly - of science and art, of quantitative peppered with the qualitative - achieves the best results for an enterprise trying to optimize asset utilization in their supply chain.


Our solution, the Material Management Portal (MMP) is a decision-support system designed to optimize the inventory management process for manufacturing concerns. Using an intuitive design and an elegant balancing between hard-core analytical science and soft-core human intervention, the product uses a reorder point methodology to drastically reduce volatility in inventory levels and optimize the trade-off between service-levels versus inventory levels.