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Capabilities Overview


Confida's consulting and technology capabilities are carefully calibrated to help our clients achieve step-function improvements in business performance.

To achieve this magnitude of business performance in a time-compressed manner, it is imperative to use a holistic approach where decisions are guided by a common set of clearly defined high-level objectives. By providing the fact-base, decisions can be pushed out from the center of the organization to the most appropriate decision-maker.

At Confida, the center of gravity of our capabilities is providing organizations with decision support structures and fact-based analytical tools to boost business performance. The best case scenario to achieve high performance is implementation which is tightly aligned to strategy which in turn should be based on hard analytics all driven by continuous measurement of key performance indicators. Doing so ensures the alignment and best usage of resources - people, processes, and technologies - while providing the organization with a structure that is collaborative and flexible.

Performance management is characterized by four capabilities:

  • Business Intelligence (the analyzing): provides the organization with a common set of facts designed to understand root-causes, reasons and patterns across various business permutations in order to identify where the organization is doing well and where it is performing poorly [helps to UNDERSTAND business performance]
  • Strategy (the planning): provides the organization with a common set of goals captured in concise, fact-based strategic and operational plans guiding the organization in what it should and should not do [helps to GUIDE business performance]
  • Project Leadership (the implementing): provides the organization with a common set of values demonstrated through integrity-based project leadership and implementation structures aimed at improving business performance through on-time, on-budget implementations [helps to IMPROVE business performance]
  • Performance Reporting (the tracking): provides the organization with a common set of priorities facilitated through the continuous and timely tracking of key performance indicators [helps to MONITOR business performance]

So, it probably is not a commanding leap-of-faith to see why it is imperative for top quintile organizations to follow a tightly coordinated business performance cycle. This cycle of understanding, guiding, improving and monitoring provides the necessary linkages to maximize business performance. Without understanding the business, it would be difficult to arrive at a targeted plan to narrowly focus activities; without guiding the business, it would be nearly impossible to achieve sustainable improvements; without improving business performance, it is unnecessary to monitor and track key performance parameters.

At Confida, we provide a complete suite of consulting services covering all the business performance elements - analyzing, planning, implementing, and tracking. We have targeted and developed technology solutions specifically designed to facilitate the "analyzing" element of business performance.

While we provide decision-support consulting and products through traditional fee-for-service relationships, we also seek out ventures where we provide human capital to our clients in exchange for equity. We are extremely proficient and excited about using our fact-finding and analysis capabilities to help you understand your business better - identifying, not at a gut-level, but through hard facts what is working and what is not working in your business.