Project Leadership Overview


Confida's Project Leadership expertise emphasizes an integrity-based leadership and implementation structures aimed at improving business performance through on-time, on-budget implementations.

Today's organization is becoming a "work ecosystem" where individuals migrate seamlessly from one project to another. As the future of the organization becomes more and more dependent on the outcome of these projects, structured project leadership becomes much more of a survival trait. Success with structured project leadership is based on having access to real-time information and intellectual capital. It requires as much top-level flag-waving as it requires grass-roots plowing. And managing expectations is a key component: we use our Business Intelligence competencies to analyze and report on a continuous basis during the course of any project implementation. This is the crux of leadership - determining the right thing to do and then communicate to all stakeholders while doing it.

The fact-based science of Project Leadership provides the intellectual underpinnings necessary to make the correct project decisions. However, making the correct decisions is often the easier half of the battle. The harder half, and the culprit in most project failures, is execution. This constitutes the human-based art of Project Leadership. Increasingly, as human capital becomes a company's ultimate competitive advantage, actively guiding and developing human resources becomes the ultimate determinant of project and company successes.

At the confluence of the fact-based science and human-based art of Project Leadership is what we call integrity-based leadership. The foundation of integrity-based leadership is a "what is promised, shall be done without excuses" attitude. What makes us adopt this attitude is that in our approach to planning, we ensure that project has integrity and that we can 'see' our way to victory. In fact, we have already 'won' or 'completed' our projects before we even start and that way our fanaticism is focused on the art of execution. The project essentially becomes a journey, in and of its own, which needs to be completed before members can set on another journey. The implementation is then hard-wired to a set of beliefs supported by our core values: determination, endurance, loyalty and passion.

Our project leadership services are supported through the following solutions and capabilities:

  • Executive Project Solutions: a turn key service solution combining our extensive project implementation experience with our proprietary technologies aimed at enabling organizations to more successfully execute their key projects and strategic initiatives
  • Leadership Mentoring: a capabilities building program that uses training techniques and 'on-the-court' coaching to develop project leadership skills
  • Strategy Implementation: assisting organizations in "operationalizing" their strategic plan by translating it into manageable activities that are executable
  • Project Office Blueprint: a complete suite of methodologies, tools and organization structures that support the centralized management, stewardship and implementation of an organization's key project portfolio

Top-quintile business performance is indelibly attached to successful project implementation - even more so than Business Intelligence. It might seem sacrosanct to suggest than good-enough insight intelligence with near-perfect project implementation is always a recipe for success while the reverse might not be true. Confida's integrity-based "it shall be done" project leadership approach - stressing determination, endurance, loyalty and passion - is fundamental to achieving stretch business performance objectives.