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Customer Success Story

Online trading exchange challenges established players in "smoke stack" industry

Situation: First online trading exchange to have significant first-mover advantage

Approach: Parachuted in with cross-functional team to kick-start operations, systems development and venture fundingParachuted in with cross-functional team to kick-start operations, systems development and venture funding

Solution: Collaborated with largest industry player to develop proprietary technology and "blitzed" the market in 6 months



While we develop decision-support products and support these products through traditional fee-for-service consulting relationships, we also seek out ventures where we provide human capital to our clients in exchange for equity. We desire long-term relationships with our clients and in many cases, this is better achieved by the flexibility of a "gain-sharing" relationship.

We have started and helped start a number of ventures over the past few years including the following:


FiberDealer - created the leading online textile trading exchange (jointly with Tsuzuki Spinning, one of the largest consumers of textile fibers in the world) using the most sophisticated trading mechanisms for fibers such as cotton [ general partner ]

Li'l Stitches - provider of an elegant European-inspired line of children's clothing using the finest Egyptian and Turkish natural fabrics imported for consumption in the United States [ general partner ]

Biocode - created a complete sales and support infrastructure introducing bio-immunoassay technology to new markets [ general partner ]

Konjac Technologies - provided business concept development, transition management and venture capital procurement help for medical equipment startup owning patent-pending technology for cosmetic alteration [ limited partner ]

Infinite Worlds - provided transition management and financial analysis for a startup venture creating a live entertainment concept combining science, technology, media and communications [ limited partner ]


Although ventures are not a part of our core mission, we think that they provide a balance to our portfolio of projects and customer relationships and as such will pursue projects on an opportunistic basis.