Provides the organization with a comon set of facts designed to understand roo-causes, reasons and patterns across various business permulations in order to identifywhere the organization is doing well and where it is performing poorly.

Helps to UNDERSTAND business performance>>


Provides te organization with a common set of value demostrated trough integrity-based project leadership and implementation structures aimed at improving business performance trough on-time, on-budget implementations.

Helps to IMPROVE business performance>>


Provides the organization with a common set of goals captured in concise, fact-based strategic and operational plans guiding the organization in what it should and should not do.

Helps to GUIDE business performance>>


Provides the organization with a common set of priorities facilitated trough the continuous and timely tracking of ket performance indications.


Helps to MONITOR business performance>>

Profitability Management

Built for multi faceted organizations, the Profitability Management Portal (PMP) offers the latest in activity-based profitability and strategy in an intuitive, easy to use web-based interface. Using PMP, organizations can in real-time identify best and worst performing segments/assets of their business. Considerable productivity bossts can then be realized by designing efforts aimed at altering the portfolio of assets towards higher performing segments. MORE>>

Inventory Management

The Meterial Management Portal (MMP) is a decision-support system designed to optimize the inventory management process for manufacturing operations. Using an intuitive design, rooted in the fields of operations research and statistical engineering, and an elegant balancing between hard-core analytical science and soft-core human intervantion, the product uses a reorder-point methodology to drastically reduce volatility in inventory levels and optimize the trade-off between service-levels versus inventory levels. MORE>>

Project Management

The first project oversight solution specifically designed for executives, the Executive Project Portal (EPP), offers the most intuitive web-based Executive Dashboard focused on project performance. Using EPP, organizations can facilitate more effective decision making and highly efficient progress performance reviews of their various project portfolios. EPP promises to simplify the life and increase the productivity of all executives and senior managers responsible for organizational initiatives. MORE>>

Customer Management

Confida's Customer Management Portal (CMP), a state of the art analytic application offers strategic customer intelligence and insight in an easy to use web-based interface. Using CMP, organizations can assess past and current performance and future trends to position their strategic account management portfolios and client relationship programs to proactively respond to changing customer needs. Fact-based strategic client positioning results in leveraging current client relationships maximally to the benefit of all parties. MORE>>

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