Profitability Management Overview


Confida's profitability management product, the Profitability Management Portal (PMP) offers the latest in activity-based management in an intuitive, easy to use web-based interface. Using PMP, organizations can in real-time identify best and worst performing segments/assets of their business. The profitability profile for a single salesperson, a branch office, an entire product line or any user defined combination can be easily analyzed. For example, the profitability profile for all branches in the Midwestern region or all salespersons who have been with the company over 10 years specializing in a particular product can be easily analyzed.

The essence of business is making decisions and the essence of business performance management is improving these decisions. One of the most important aspect of improving business performance is knowing and being able to accurately track which business segments are profitable. PMP offers a simple and elegant, custom-designed dashboard providing key financial metrics including profitability. It also offers a forward-looking profile to determine future impact on profitability if certain decisions were to be made.