PMP Features


Built for organizations with complex structures, the Profitability Management Portal (PMP) offers the latest in activity-based profitability and strategy in an intuitive, easy to use web-based interface. Using PMP, organizations can in real-time identify best and worst performing segments/assets of their business. Productivity boosts can then be realized by designing tactical intervention efforts aimed at altering the portfolio of assets towards the highest performing groups.


PMP Features Benefits
Provides organizations access to financial metrics, especially profitability, in real-time Decision-makers can keep a keen eye on changes in profitability and make timely interventions
Allows organizations access to information indicating which business segments are the most/least profitable Allows better resource / asset allocation (e.g., from profitability laggards to leaders)
Offers real-time revenue and cost figures for any grouping/individual within the organization Pricing decisions can be made (and if necessary modified rapidly) more accurately based on a complete fact-base

Profitability figures at the salesperson level allows organizations to promote incentive-based, flexible pricing architectures

Increase employee empowerment by pushing accountability out to customer-facing employees
Provides flexible fact-based modeling underpinnings Financial model and activity-based costing model are designed to account for an organization's particulars ("cookie-cutter" approaches do not work!)

Can modify underlying assumptions and model as business situation changes
Permits the modeling of various business scenarios and their effects on an organization's financials Getting a "peek into the future" increases the probability of better decision-making dramatically

Various parts of (individuals within) the organization can model and implement vastly different revenue-building and cost-containment efforts
Encourages business users (not specialists) to utilize an analytic application for decision-making purposes Decisions can be made more quickly (even in customer-facing situations) by business users utilizing the easy-to-understand reports designed by business users for business users

Many current Business Intelligence applications are too dense and require specialized analysts to manage and translate information - making it far less useful as a reliable, agile knowledge-base
Provides a simple, elegant portrait of key business information Our best-in-class information mapping techniques masks out all the noise and presents the business users with the key facts needed for better decision-making

Drill-downs are provided at every step to ensure that power business users have access to the information that they need