Project Management Overview


The first project oversight solution specifically designed for executives, the Executive Project Portal (EPP), offers the most intuitive web-based Executive Dashboard focused on project performance. EPP is a web-based monitoring and reporting tool.


Using EPP, organizations can facilitate more effective decision making and highly efficient progress performance reviews of their various project portfolios. It is designed to bring panoramic project oversight and control capabilities to the fingertips of busy executives saving time, energy and money. EPP increases the success of project implementations by facilitating more effective decision making due to any time, anywhere accessibility of higher quality project performance information. EPP also eliminates bureaucratic and inconsistent reporting by standardizing and automatically generating high quality reports. Finally, EPP enables higher productivity among staff members because it diminishes meeting time in progress update settings and significantly decreases the time spent by individual team member in project report preparation.


EPP promises to simplify the life and increase the productivity of all executives and senior managers responsible for organizational initiatives.