Performance Reporting Overview


Confida provides performance reporting consulting services as part of our commitment as a full-service provider of Performance Management services.

The ability to measure progress is as intimate to successful performance as the ability to point your ship in the right direction. It is not difficult to imagine why over the last few years, many permutations of scorecards and dashboards have littered the Business Intelligence and Performance Management disciplines. The evolution of the Balanced Scorecard and other measurement variants suggests a maturity in Performance Reporting that unfortunately has not had the profound effect on performance that it was advertised to have.

There are many reasons for this "performance gap". Firstly, measurement systems have become entirely too complex metamorphosizing into a smorgasbord of meaningless metrics. This constant deluge and monitoring only causes apathy and desensitization. Secondly, many complex systems intended to measure and report performance for various groups actually disserve the organization as a whole. These kinds of "individualized metrics" are akin to rewarding a basketball player for the number of rebounds he gets at the expense of the wins his teams achieves - it is easy to see how this sort of reward system might convince the player to grab the extra rebound in lieu of hustling down court for an easy basket that might get the team a win. And finally, many performance management systems are internally focused. It is not sufficient, for instance, to increase revenue and profitability by 10% in a growing market if your competitors are growing by 15%.

Our Performance Reporting services center around providing fact-based, concise, simply-designed measurement systems. We specialize in the following two areas:

Benchmarking: provides the organization with comparative and competitive insight intelligence that allows for a realistic, honest confrontation of performance

Scorecards and Dashboards: provides the organization with a simple and elegant mapping of only that which is relevant. Our business background and information mapping techniques allow us to offer novel approaches to scorecards and dashboards that are uniquely effective in conveying status information quickly and easily

Brutal, honest tracking of progress and performance are the only way to ensure that an organization is taking continuous corrective action based on the best available fact-base. Einstein maintained that "not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." We will, however, ensure that in your measurement program everything that counts is counted and even that which cannot be counted, is somehow tracked.