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Strategy Overview

Confida was formed as a strategy consulting firm offering a structured and analytical approach in conducting strategy and market assessments. Today, we offer a variety of consulting services aimed at helping companies with revenue enhancement and cost containment.

We think good strategy is straightforward - decide what to do and perhaps more importantly decide what NOT to do. The essence of strategic leadership lies at the confluence of discovering the right thing to do and executing it at the right time - and often times, doing fewer things is the "holy grail" of best-in-class business performance.

Confida's offering in Strategy is focused primarily on providing various types of strategic analyses. Our approach is quantitative and fact-based. Whether the overarching guideline is the pursuit of a growth strategy or a productivity strategy, we use a collaborative discovery process to identify risk/reward profiles for various scenarios. As a decision metric for what to do, we often design a comprehensive economic model outlining the key enterprise levers - key attributes from this model can then be ported into a reusable business asset using light-technology solutions.

We offer the following strategic analyses:

  • Market Intelligence: an externally driven strategic and competitive investigation identifying key market performance indicators
  • Decision Blueprints: an economically-based, strategic or financial assessment of an organization or department - includes segmentation and profitability analysis as cornerstone analytics
  • Growth Strategies: identification of strategies to enter new market segments and/or grow existing segment profiles significantly.

Whether your overarching bias is a growth or productivity strategy, Confida's strategic analysis services will provide the fact-base enabling you to make better decisions, more quickly. Dennis Roch believes that "if it takes a lot of words to say what you have in mind, give it more thought"; in a similar vein, our foundational belief about strategic analysis is our belief that "strategic truth" is both elegant and simple.