Business Intelligence Overview


Confida's core mission centers around our Business Intelligence capabilities which are designed to fundamentally improve real-time decision-making.

Business Intelligence consolidates disparate data from various internal and external sources and aggregates it into a structured, coherent knowledge-base. In the course of analyzing transaction data, certain patterns emerge which coagulate into information that can be used to make tactical decisions. By arranging and finding meta-patterns among the coalesced information, we arrive at a simple, elegant formulation describing key business facets. This knowledge-base is presented in a series of online, real-time accessible reports and analyses which make it easier for the decision-maker to understand the dynamics of his/her business.


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Confida's core competency in Business Intelligence is aimed at providing quantitative, easy-to-comprehend information and knowledge that allows decision-makers to migrate from gut-level to fact-base decision-making. A structured, investigative examination of root-causes, reasons and patterns across various key parameters is used to excavate business opportunities. We use a rigorous approach to collect necessary data that is then fed into a structured analysis that in turn is morphed into an easy-to-access knowledge-base in the form of an analytic application (click to view the benefits of analytic applications). Confida offers custom analytic applications tailored to a client's particular business situation - our applications use elegant information mapping techniques which is best-in-class in Business Intelligence.


We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Analytic Applications: A structured approach to Business Intelligence comprised of the three distinct elements of assessment, analysis and access and resulting in a custom application tailored to the specific needs of our clients
  • Financial Analytics: methodology and accompanying toolset including reports and key metrics designed to identify best and worst performing segments/assets of a business
  • Inventory Analytics: methodology and accompanying toolset including reports and dashboards designed to optimize inventory levels
  • Customer Analytics: approach and accompanying toolset including reports and ad-hoc analysis capabilities designed to understand customer relationships and to manage customers more strategically
  • Project Analytics: methodology and accompanying toolset including reports and scorecards designed to provide executives with a quick view of underperforming projects.

As Lou Gerstner says: "Intelligence wins wars, whether on the battlefield or in the marketplace. Deep competitive insight is critical to success." Our Business Intelligence solutions coupled with our analytic capabilities are designed to provide decision-makers access to mission-critical information. Our structured approach of assessment, analysis and access provides a unified Business Intelligence method that is fundamentally different than large Business Intelligence vendors who are providing systems solutions. At Confida, however, we are business and strategy consultants who use technology as a tool. Where as most service providers tailor your needs to their products, we custom-modify our products to your needs.