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CMP Factsheet


Confida's Customer Management Portal (CMP), a state of the art analytic application offers strategic customer intelligence and insight in an easy to use web-based interface. Using CMP, organizations can assess past and current performance and future trends to position their strategic account management portfolios and client relationship programs to proactively respond to changing customer needs. Fact-based strategic client positioning results in leveraging current client relationships maximally to the benefit of all parties.


Customer Insight Intelligence

CMP is designed to provide organizations a still-picture and a movie of how customer relationships are dynamically changing over time. Touch points with customers and the ensuing financial impacts are puzzled together forming a balance sheet view of each and every customer relationship. Furthermore, transactions are analyzed over time to identify weakening and strengthening relationships. Complex analytic techniques are used to provide customer profiles and to draw relationship maps between customer-facing assets within the organization. In effect, CMP provides insight intelligence regarding the health of customer relationships and the value of those relationships to the organization.



CMP allows for customer lifecycle analysis both on a customer-by-customer basis and for an organization's entire portfolio of customers. By any measure, retaining a customer is significantly less costly than acquiring a new one. Unfortunately, many organizations are unaware of retention issues before it is far too late to intervene; CMP provides trending analysis which serves as an early warning signal for deteriorating client relationships making for a high probability of successful retention intervention efforts. In almost all organizations, the largest pot of underutilized assets is the non-leveraging of current relationships across a wide spectrum of service offerings. CMP provides a rigorous treatment for identifying high-value cross-selling opportunities.


Leverage Current Relationships

Leveraging established relationships is the one of the most effective and efficient approach to growing revenues. Companies have invested considerable resources over years to acquire clients, yet due to lack of analytical capabilities and organizational constraints, are unable to identify the highest potential cross-selling opportunities. CMP prioritizes the highest potential cross-selling opportunities both at the client and the organizational level.


Strategic Account Management

In many situations, eighty percent of an organization's strategic goals are directly influenced by twenty percent of its customers. These strategic customers can influence the direction of the industry and are clients that provide prestige for a company. CMP's analysis tools provide a complete repository of the health and wealth of strategic clients so that management can serve as an ombudsman for these valued relationships. Furthermore, multiple client touch points can be fostered for these key clients and interrelationships can be actively shepherded.


Adaptable and Flexible Model

One of the cornerstones of our philosophy at Confida regarding good business analysis is that often, much less is much more. We work diligently to customize a set of standard reports for each situation that communicates intelligently using the fewest display equivalents. While these standard reports meet the needs of the majority of users, occasionally a power-user will have a unique requirement that needs an ad-hoc report. CMP provides a flexible analytic capability through the ability to export all standard data streams and reports into formatted Microsoft Excel files which can then be used for any ad-hoc analysis or reporting requirement.


Knowledge Discovery

CMP's robust analysis cube structure provides an easy to use graphical user interface for query-type analysis. Various critical organizational dimensions are provided that can be utilized to segment the analysis to a sub-section of the organizational universe - for instance, one might want to look at a geographical, organizational, product or time-based sub-segment. Or, one might want to combine and analyze one, two or multiple dimensions at once. The information is presented to the user in a concise, easy to understand interface. The knowledge presented in preformatted reports is augmented by the business analysis discovery process (that does not require specialized analysts, but can be performed by customer-facing individuals).


Best-in-class Information Mapping

CMP is designed by business users for business users. As such, we have gone to great effort designing elegant and intuitive charts and graphs that display critical information needed for rapid decision-making. The displays are not bogged down with excess data - just what is needed to understand the situation at-hand (drill-down capability is provided for those users who might need a bit more). We guarantee that you will be impressed with our novel way of mapping and presenting your information.