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CMP Features


Confida's Customer Management Portal (CMP), a state of the art analytic application, offers strategic customer and account insight intelligence in an easy to use web-based interface. Using CMP, organizations can assess past and current performance and future trends to position their strategic account management portfolios and client relationship programs to proactively respond to changing customer needs.


CMP Features Benefits
Provides organizations insight intelligence regarding patterns in customer behavior

Using a fact-base, organizations can assess the nature and dynamics of their relationships with their customers and make better resource decisions increasing their return on customer relationships


Helps organizations manage their portfolio of customer relationships strategically


Provides analytic capabilities specifically architected for the organization that off-the-shelf business intelligence systems are incapable of providing (these analytics often require in-depth business research and understanding)

Allows organizations a preview of the health and wealth of current customer relationships

Retention issues can be identified before they become a serious problem allowing for intervention programs that will prevent unnecessary customer defections


Customer relationships can be valued quantitatively allowing for customer segmentation based on value-to-the-organization

Provides organizations with the quantitative fact-base identifying the cross-section of services being purchased by customers

Targeted cross-selling initiatives can be designed to take advantage of strong existing relationships


Cross-selling opportunities can be prioritized based on current customer relationship profile and potential opportunity

Structures customer relationships into a holistic strategic account management philosophy

Organize and prioritize customer-serving resources based on value that client brings to the organization


Identify key accounts and segment them into separate operational and customer-serving units ensuring long-term relationships with halo accounts

Permits an adaptable and flexible analysis infrastructure Carefully architected standard reports provide the necessary information for vast majority of situations - formatted reports exported to Excel provide formatted information which can be used for exception processing
Encourages business users (not specialists) to utilize an analytic application for decision-making purposes Decisions can be made more quickly (even in customer-facing situations) by business users utilizing the easy-to-understand reports designed by business users for business users

Many current Business Intelligence applications are too dense and require specialized analysts to manage and translate information - making it far less useful as a reliable, agile knowledge-base
Provides a simple, elegant portrait of key business information Our best-in-class information mapping techniques masks out all the noise and presents the business users with the key facts needed for better decision-making

Drill-downs are provided at every step to ensure that power business users have access to the information that they need