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A selection of thought pieces written by Confida consultants is listed below according to categories. Please click on the appropriate icon below to view the selected piece or have a brochure mailed to your address.

Financial Analytics
How to Measure Profitability for Any Segment of Your Business

flexible activity-based cost and profitability model

Demand-Driven Budgeting

zero-based methodology closely linking budgets to business drivers

Distributed Decision Making - A Powerful Leadership Paradigm

a non-traditional way to share leadership duties throughout the organization

Inventory Analytics
Tradeoff Between Service and Inventory Levels - Does it Really Exist?

a one-size fits all strategy sub-optimizes the inventory tradeoff predicament

Transitioning from MRP to Lean-ROP - The Challenge

introducing a tool and a flexible process to optimize inventory management

The Challenge of Effective Inventory Management

an economically-calibrated prioritization and segmentation approach to the management of inventory items

Customer Analytics
Using Decision Support to Leverage Customer Relationships

a fact-based approach to leveraging customer relationships

Executive Project - Effective Control from the Top

how to manage the "infinite ongoing project clutter"

Managing the Impossible Project

practical strategies for when all hell breaks loose

Project Prioritization Simplified

a "shortcut" methodology for fact-based project prioritizing

A Fact-Based Case Against Gut-Level Decisions

why organizations need to morph their decision-making processes at the grassroots level

Decision Support Primer - A Breakdown of Industry Jargon

a primer to help sort out the alphabet soup nomenclature in decision support and business intelligence