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We have organized a "docmap" which is essentially a compendium of all documents that are available to view in brochure format. Please click on the appropriate icon to view the selected piece or have a printed brochure mailed to your address.

Company Literature
About Confida

concise summary of who we are and what we do

How Confida Can Help

compendium of services that we offer to our clients

Performance Management Cycle

core capabilities summary and diagram

The Confida Difference

what sets us apart from the crowd

Our Principles

what we stand for

Product Literature
Profitability Management Portal Brochure

to drive various segment profitability laggards to leadership positions

Materials Management Portal Brochure

to optimize capital invested in inventory while improving customer service levels

Customer Management Portal Brochure

to align strategically and operationally using a customer driven competitive focus

Executive Project Portal Brochure

to funnel the senior executive inbox to the few things that matter by censoring-out projects that are "noise"

Service Offerings
Business Intelligence

understand root-causes, reasons and patterns to help improve organizational decision-making


fact-based strategic and operational blueprints serving as organizational guideposts

Project Leadership

integrity-based project leadership and implementation solutions

Performance Reporting

metric blueprints including benchmarking and scorecards

Confida's Leadership
Kelami Ertan Bio

Kelami leads our Business Intelligence and Software Development practices

Mehrad Khosrowshahi Bio

Mehrad is Confida's President and leads our Strategy and Performance Reporting practices

Ralph Loftin Bio

Ralph leads Confida's advisory board


Financial Analytics
How to Measure Profitability for Any Segment of Your Business

flexible activity-based cost and profitability model

Demand-Driven Budgeting

zero-based methodology closely linking budgets to business drivers

Distributed Decision Making - A Powerful Leadership Paradigm

a non-traditional way to share leadership duties throughout the organization

Inventory Analytics
Tradeoff Between Service and Inventory Levels - Does it Really Exist?

a one-size fits all strategy sub-optimizes the inventory tradeoff predicament

Transitioning from MRP to Lean-ROP - The Challenge

introducing a tool and a flexible process to optimize inventory management

The Challenge of Effective Inventory Management

an economically-calibrated prioritization and segmentation approach to the management of inventory items

Customer Analytics
Using Decision Support to Leverage Customer Relationships

a fact-based approach to leveraging customer relationships

Executive Project - Effective Control from the Top

how to manage the "infinite ongoing project clutter"

Managing the Impossible Project

practical strategies for when all hell breaks loose

Project Prioritization Simplified

a "shortcut" methodology for fact-based project prioritizing

A Fact-Based Case Against Gut-Level Decisions

why organizations need to morph their decision-making processes at the grassroots level

Decision Support Primer - A Breakdown of Industry Jargon

a primer to help sort out the alphabet soup nomenclature in decision support and business intelligence