PMP Factsheet

Built for multifaceted organizations, the Profitability Management Portal (PMP) offers the latest in activity-based profitability and strategy in an intuitive, easy to use web-based interface. Using PMP, organizations can in real-time identify best and worst performing segments/assets of their business. Considerable productivity boosts can then be realized by designing efforts aimed at altering the portfolio of assets towards higher performing segments.

Real-time Profitability Analysis
PMP is designed to provide organizations a continuous, real-time window into changing profitability dynamics. Monthly, weekly and even daily transactions could affect the bottom-line in profound ways. Having an uninterrupted viewfinder into how employees' actions are affecting profitability is a critical success factor affecting business performance. Having immediate feedback on critical business performance measurements (such as profitability) ensures that in-time, proactive, corrective measures can be taken. Using PMP's intuitive dashboard, users can quickly view profitability dynamics in timeframes appropriate for their particular businesses.

Business Segment Profiling
Often times, it is not enough to know whether a business is underperforming - it is imperative to find out the root-causes of underperformance so that the issue can be addressed quickly. PMP has the capability of providing profitability profiles based on user-defined groupings. These groupings can be standard business segments or an ad-hoc assemblage used for knowledge discovery - the software is pre-loaded with standard business segments. PMP can even, on-the-fly, calculate the profitability profile of an individual salesperson. Utilizing the various combinations and permutations available, users can rapidly understand which segments are profitable and should be promoted and which segments are unprofitable and need immediate intervention.

Better Pricing
Disparity in profitability from segment to segment can be traced to a variety of factors. One of the usual culprits is product/service pricing - unprofitable segments are a result of either competitive pressures, internal inefficiencies or pricing errors. Errors in pricing are often a result of not knowing the correct cost profile of a particular product/service. PMP resolves this problem by providing real-time costing information for any product/service. Strategically appropriate pricing decision can then be made in near real-time. For example, salespersons can be provided the leeway of pricing bands (that ensure a minimum return) for various segments of the business. PMP allows pricing decisions to be instituted and changed quickly while ensuring that the effect on profitability is transparent across the organization.

Flexible ABC Infrastructure
PMP's analytic infrastructure is based on a rigorous fact-base collected on a continuous basis from in-place financial transactional systems. The command center of the fact-base is an activity-based module that organizes and calculates financial analytics (e.g., revenues, costs, profitability) for the lowest common business denominator. The financial model, including the activity-based costing module, is custom-designed in concert with an organization's financial experts. The underlying infrastructure is designed flexibly so that the model can be modified in the future as business conditions dictate.

What-if Scenario Planning
A major advantage of advanced analytical methods is the ability to model and possibly foresee business situations. This ability undoubtedly increases the probability of accurate decision-making. PMP provides users, at every level in the organization from a salesperson to the CFO, the ability to view how future business will affect the portfolio (from a profitability standpoint). For a salesperson, for instance, access to this type of information could lead to more informed real-time pricing decisions. For an organization, it is beneficial to push accountability out to customer-facing employees and provide them metrics and tools such as PMP to understand their performance real-time and to act accordingly.

Knowledge Discovery
Users of PMP can either select the suite of pre-defined reports or use drill-down and ad-hoc capabilities to quickly formulate their own analyses. Due to the intuitive and elegant interface, it is easy to format various analyses in a process of find-and-discover to isolate root-causes of performance issues. The discovery process and familiarity with business cause-and-affects discourages gut-level, knee jerk reactions and encourages an analytical, fact-based ethos throughout the organization.

Best-in-class Information Mapping
PMP is designed by business users for business users. As such, we have gone to great effort designing elegant and intuitive charts and graphs that display critical information needed for rapid decision-making. The displays are not bogged down with excess data - just what is needed to understand the situation at-hand (drill-down capability is provided for those users who might need a bit more). We guarantee that you will be impressed with our novel way of mapping and presenting your information.